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MK Brown Official Website: Cartoons. MK Brown Official Website: Cartoons, Posters, Books, Illustrations, Bio, Contact. MK Brown Official Website: Cartoons, Posters, Books, Illustrations, Bio, Contact. MK Brown’s work has appeared in most national magazines and collections since the 70’s, and in many forms such as cartoons, animation and illustration. She is also a painter, with work in private collections in the US and Europe. Her paintings will be presented in a separate site, soon to come. MK Brown: “one of the funniest cartoonists of the last four decades — or ever, take your pick…MK Brown has a reputation for creating smart, quirky, warped, funny comics with a rather zany and oddball sense of humor. They are the kind that make you think and laugh at the same time. They are chock full of astute and very skewed observations on life – think hilarious and insightful combined.”— Nadia A., A Bookish Way of Life. MK Brown’s cartoons have been published in Playboy, National Lampoon, Mother Jones, The Atlantic Monthly, Women’s Sports, Arcade Comics, The New Yorker and currently the American Bystander (see sample pages here). Her own 240 page volume of cartoons, “Stranger Than Life” is now available from local bookstores, Fantagraphics, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For informaton about sales of any originals or prints, contact Also, here are a few of the many articles, reviews and interviews you can find online or in books. And of course, many cartoons, posters and books. MK has posters for sale via this website, do not hesitate to contact her. MK Brown’s cartoons have been included in many collections from Twisted Sisters-Collection of Bad Girl Art, to The New Yorker 75th Anniversary Collection and In the recent book about the National Lampoon, “Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant Dead.” edited by Rick Meyerowitz. See MK’s most recent cartoon work at MK Brown Official Website: Cartoons, Posters, Books, Illustrations, Bio, Contact